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International mediation trainingfor Ukrainians

This course is implemented within the "CONSENT" project with the financial support of the European Union.


Edwards Mediation Academy, the market leader in mediation education, has found a way to support Ukrainians in these difficult times - the opportunity to improve communication and negotiation skills at a unique online training International Mediation Training for Ukrainians. This course is conducted in partnership with the Ukrainian Mediation Academy within the framework of the EU project "CONSENT" and the Ukrainian Mediation Center. This course is held free of charge, specifically for Ukrainians.

Who is this course for?

The International Mediation Training Course for Ukrainians is an excellent opportunity for:
● mediators to improve their qualifications;
● everyone who works with people every day - to improve communication and conflict management skills;
● any Ukrainian man or woman who wants to understand the topic of mediation and acquire negotiation skills.

The course is in English. The recommended level of proficiency is B2.
The course is available exclusively to citizens of Ukraine.

Why are mediation skills not just for professional mediators?

Mediation skills are NOT just for professional mediators. An effective mediator requires greater self-reflection, empathy, and communication skills. Who among us as individuals would not benefit from honing that skill set? What conflict would not benefit from the application of these honed skills?
Although the focus of this course is often on professional mediation, it should not be forgotten that the core values ​​of these lessons can be applied equally to various personal and professional conflicts.
Whether the dispute arises from a workplace disagreement, a court case, or a political disagreement, the goal remains to improve relationships and creatively solve problems by better understanding one another.

What topics will be covered in the course?

    Principles of mediation
    Apologies and forgiveness

    Culture and bias




Registration is done through a Google form, which can be found by clicking the "Register" button on this page.
The questionnaire must be filled out in English.


Pre-moderation of participants

Free access to this training is kindly provided by Edwards Mediation Academy exclusively for highly motivated Ukrainian men and women, regardless of their place of residence, education and profession.


Getting access to the online classroom

In case of successful pre-moderation, you will receive an e-mail with access (login and password) to your online classroom.



International Mediation Training for Ukrainians is an online course that you can take at your own pace without being bound by dates and times. Access to the course will be open for 6 months from the moment of registration.
The course is taught in English. The desired level of English is B2.


Final test

After listening to the course, you will be asked to take a final test to receive a certificate. You can also take the test at a time convenient for you.


Receiving a certificate

Upon completion of the course listening, self-reflection exercises and in case of successful completion of the final test, you will receive a Certificate from Edwards Mediation Academy

The course consists of nine modules that will help you:

  • learn the main nuances that distinguish a skilled mediator;

  • improve self-awareness and understanding of how your own beliefs and experiences affect your interactions with others;

  • to develop goal-oriented thinking skills;

  • learn to recognize unique challenges and ways to improve the chances of a successful outcome;

  • learn how to better manage interaction while fostering understanding through listening;

  • miscellaneous 61 final

    understand the critical role of emotions and how to work with emotions in mediation;

  • knowledge-idea-book-light-learning-concept-thought

    to gain knowledge to feel confident in moments of total uncertainty.


Through this course, you will improve the quality of your personal interactions through active listening, effective communication, and an understanding of the role of emotions in mediation. In addition, you will learn specific techniques that will help you get through difficult life and work moments.