The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation, in the framework of cooperation with various stakeholders, supports projects' activities to ensure ongoing mediation access. Thanks to such projects, Ukrainians can receive information about mediation, mediation counselling regarding the existing dispute, and mediation services free of charge.

Today, such cooperation is implemented in courts, the System of free legal aid, Centers of social services for families of children and youth, Services for children, etc. Also, since April 2020, the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation has provided access to mediation online.


The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation has a unique experience for Ukraine of opening and ensuring the functioning of mediation rooms directly in court buildings of various jurisdictions.
As part of the cooperation memorandums, the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation ensures the operation of mediation offices on the basis of courts in:
● Odesa Oblast Commercial Court and the South-Western Appeal Commercial Court at the address: Odesa, ave. Shevchenko, 29.
● Kyiv District Court of Odesa within the Civic Center of Justice of Odesa Region at the address: Odesa, st. Varnenska, 3-B.
● To the Fifth Administrative Court of Appeal at the address: Odesa, ave. Gagarina, 19-21.
● To the Primorsky District Court of Odesa at the address: Odesa, st. Balkivska, 33. 

Projects to support novice mediators:The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation provides mentoring support to beginner mediators, simulations to improve practical skills, interview meetings and the opportunity to practice co-mediation with more experienced mediators.
Mediation awareness initiatives for future lawyers:The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation focuses on future lawyers who should enter the profession with a clear understanding of the essence of alternative dispute resolution methods, their distinctive features and advantages. As part of this direction, the Ukrainian Mediation Academy published the first textbook on mediation for lawyers in Ukraine, "Mediation in the professional activity of a lawyer", and methodical recommendations for teachers. Representatives of higher education institutions from different regions of Ukraine, practising judges, lawyers, notaries, etc., joined the work on the textbook. In addition, representatives of the Ukrainian Mediation Academy regularly organize and participate in various educational events for students — open lectures, master classes, competitions, etc. Much attention is also paid to academic work with legal clinics.