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All personal information that users leave on this Website is processed only with their consent and in accordance with the law on personal data protection. The purpose of the processing is to provide feedback to users and answer their questions and requests, as well as to send information notifications if they have expressed a desire to receive them.
The administrator processes only those personal data that are necessary for this purpose, namely: users' e-mail address and phone number. Additional information may be provided by users at their discretion in the content of messages they leave on the Website, as well as in attached files, but the Administrator does not require the provision of any other information.
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Users whose personal data are processed have the right to know about the processing of their personal data and to access them, to object to their processing, to request their change, clarification or deletion from the Administrator, and to be notified of the loss or leakage of personal data within 72 hours from the time detection of such a fact.
The administrator processes personal data only for the period necessary to communicate with the user or to achieve another legitimate goal, but not longer than the period provided for by the legislation on personal data protection.
For any questions related to the processing of personal data, write to the e-mail address .au.noitaidem%40ofni