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We invite you to touch the magical world of mediation with the help of a traveling mediator!

In game form, the main character is simple and interesting together with the participants of the quest:● investigates conflicts;● tells how to behave in conflict situations to prevent their aggravation, and to solve them ecologically, taking into account the interests of all parties;● tells what mediation is, its essence, features, how it takes place and who a mediator is.The quest is filled with various questions for the correct answers, of which points are awarded. Points are also awarded for completing additional creative tasks.
The purpose of the game quest:To develop non-violent communication skills, inform about available ecological methods of conflict resolution, provide interesting and useful information about conflicts and mediation, and create a space for finding creative ideas.


Completing the game quest takes place with the help of a Telegram chatbot. The game-quest is designed for children aged six and older. It is also a great opportunity for parents to explore the magical world of mediation with their children.
The participant can play the game at any convenient time, take breaks, and continue from the place where he left off.The quest is structured so that the player earns points by clicking on the correct answer. By clicking on the wrong answer, the player receives useful information and does not lose the opportunity to find the correct answer. The main character will always be there and support.The winners who scored the maximum number of points within three months will be determined.
The winners will receive prizes.More about the game and prizes here.


The game quest was developed in partnership with OkStudy as part of the Project "CONSENT: ENHANCEMENT OF THE ROLE OF ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION IN UKRAINE WITH A FOCUS ON MEDIATION", implemented by the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation with the financial support of the European Union.