Discussion Club “About Mediation Openly” Engaged Mediators in Active Discussion

Discussion Club “About Mediation Openly” Engaged Mediators in Active Discussion

On December 21, 2023, the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation continued the series of meetings of the Discussion Club “About Mediation in a nutshell” as part of the professional support initiative for mediators. The topic of the event - “Challenges of a Modern Mediator” - proved to be extremely relevant and interesting for the participants who discussed its aspects at previous meetings.

The trainer of the Ukrainian Mediation Academy, Iryna Suchilova, skillfully led the discussion, which facilitated the active participation of all those present. Participants had the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences, as well as to gain new knowledge and skills to overcome current challenges in the field of mediation.

The Discussion Club has become a real place for open dialog and professional development. The discussion was in-depth and meaningful, covering such important aspects as ethical dilemmas, psychological difficulties, the latest trends and practical tools that can help mediators in their daily work.

One of the key conclusions of the meeting was the understanding of the need for ongoing professional development and support for mediators. The participants agreed that sharing experiences and collective discussion of problematic issues helps to better understand current challenges and find effective ways to overcome them.

Through such events, mediators can not only gain new knowledge, but also build professional connections, which is an important factor in strengthening the professional community. The Discussion Club helps to create a supportive environment where everyone can express their opinions and receive feedback.

The meeting ended on a positive note, with participants expressing satisfaction with the event and thanking the organizers for the high level of preparation and execution. All the participants noted the importance of such initiatives for the professional development of mediators and expressed their willingness to participate in future events.

We sincerely thank everyone who joined us and invite you to follow our announcements in order not to miss the next meetings of the Discussion Club “About Mediation Openly”.

The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation continues to work on enhancing the role of alternative dispute resolution in Ukraine, in particular mediation, and plans new interesting events for mediators.

The event was held with the financial support of the European Union within the framework of the Project “CONSENT: Enhancing the Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ukraine with a Focus on Mediation", implemented by the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation.