FULL NAME OF THE GRANT PROJECT: “Establishing a culture of consensual conflict resolution as a way of reaching justice in Ukrainian society”

The project is implemented by the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation with the support of the American people provided through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Justice for All Program.

September 2023-July 2024

realization period

The main beneficiaries of the project are children, young people, lawyers, and the general public.

Project manager: Iryna Balan
Contacts:tel: +38 093 693 86 56au.noitaidem%40nalab.anyri



The main goal of the project is to ensure access to justice through education, promote responsible attitudes toward consensual conflict resolution, and foster a culture of non-violent conflict resolution in Ukrainian society. An important element of ensuring access to justice is the awareness of one's own interests and needs, knowledge of one's rights and the limits of their realization, as well as understanding of and access to alternatives in the context of resolving legal disputes.


  • Objective 1

    To build conflict management skills, develop emotional intelligence and effective communication and negotiation skills, and promote legal awareness among children and youth by educating them and providing them with tools to overcome conflicts in their environment.

  • Objective 2

    Public education on mediation and other methods of conflict resolution, as well as on specific legal issues, with a focus on children and young people.

  • Objective 3

    Ensuring access to justice in the educational environment and ensuring the quality of teaching mediation and ADR disciplines in law schools (in particular, as an integral component of SC8 in the training of masters of law).