The problem of low awareness among the population about mediation and other procedures is widespread and characteristic of different countries. The most effective solution to this problem is to hold various educational events for different target audiences.
The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation pays considerable attention to conducting various educational events on mediation and other alternative dispute-resolution methods.
The focus is on lawyers, judges, court staff, executors, notaries, arbitration managers and other lawyers, patent attorneys, social workers, government and business representatives, students, schoolchildren and more.


The formula for the success of this area of ​​activity of the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation is to train change agents among different target audiences. After all, communicating with colleagues in the same language significantly increases their chances of perceiving new information. Lawyers go to lawyers to talk about mediation; judges go to judges, and business representatives go to businesses. That is why not only UAM trainers but also graduates of our training programs who want to share their passion for mediation with their colleagues are actively involved in educational events.
Educational events are held online and offline in different regions of Ukraine. Representatives of the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation have held over 500 various educational events during its existence.
All educational events are held free of charge. If you are interested in conducting an educational event, leave a request, and we will contact you.