NGO "Ukrainian Academy of Mediation" (hereinafter UAM) is a public association with the status of a legal entity, which was established in 2014.
During its existence, the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation has implemented a number of unique initiatives for Ukraine:
● for the first time in Ukraine, mediation offices were opened directly in court buildings of various jurisdictions, which have been functioning effectively for several years;● cooperation with the System of Free Legal Aid was started to provide assistance in providing access to mediation in civil and inheritance disputes;

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    ● the first textbook on mediation for lawyers in Ukraine, "Mediation in the professional activity of a lawyer", and methodical recommendations for teachers were published;● more than 500 various educational and training events were held in all regions of Ukraine for judges, lawyers, lawyers, mediators, students, schoolchildren, citizens, representatives of state bodies, local self-government bodies, enterprises and organizations;● the annual conference "Mediation and Law" was established. This is the most significant event on mediation in Ukraine, supported by the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the German IRZ Foundation, the USAID Program "New justice", the EU Project "Law-Justice", the Council of Europe. 
    Ukrainian Academy of Mediation actively deals with issues of legal regulation of mediation - representatives of the UAM were co-authors of the law "On Mediation" and were part of the working groups for the development of draft laws formed by the specialized Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Also, on an ongoing basis, the UAM makes efforts to build standards of training and practice for mediators in Ukraine. Finally, the Code of Ethics of a mediator of NAMU, Basic principles of teaching basic skills of a mediator, and Principles of teaching basic skills of a family mediator were created with the help of representatives of the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation.


The main goal of the activity of the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation is:

Promoting the establishment and spread of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods in Ukraine, as well as raising the level of the culture of peace and harmony in Ukrainian society.

The main tasks of UAM include:

● promoting the process of formation of the mediation institute in Ukraine;
● promoting the harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the legislation of the European Union and its reform using the experience of developed democratic countries;
● promoting the professional development of mediators and spreading ethical standards of behaviour among them;
● promoting the culture of peace and harmony among citizens;
● carrying out educational, cultural and scientific activities.


Promotion of promotion and provision of access to mediation and other ADRs

Education and training on mediation and other ADRs

Development of the theory, methodology and practice of mediation and other ADRs

Providing methodical, informational and organizational support to mediators

Improvement of legal regulation of mediation and other ADRs

International cooperation on mediation and ADRs