Meeting of the discussion club for mediators

Meeting of the discussion club for mediators

Continuing our initiative to provide professional support to mediators, the next Discussion Club was successfully held on November 2, 2023. The event gathered many participants on the Zoom platform, creating a safe space for discussing relevant topics, sharing experiences and observations of the latest trends in mediation.

The meeting, which lasted up to three hours, was a great opportunity for mediators from different parts of Ukraine to come together, share their professional achievements, express their concerns and reflect on the challenges of modern mediation. The participants actively discussed topical issues related to professional ethics, new approaches to dispute resolution and the impact of modern social conditions on the work of mediators.

The event was held in the format of interactive sessions, which allowed all participants to actively participate in discussions and work on interactive whiteboards. This approach ensured the dynamism and involvement of each participant.

One of the key topics discussed at the meeting was the need to enhance the role of alternative dispute resolution in Ukraine, with a focus on mediation. The participants agreed that the successful development of this area requires not only high professional standards, but also broad public awareness.

They also emphasized the importance of ongoing professional support for mediators through such events, which facilitate the exchange of experience and strengthen the professional community.

The discussion club ended on a positive note, leaving all participants with a sense of unity and support. Many of the mediators expressed a desire to participate in future events and noted the high level of organization and usefulness of the meeting.

We sincerely thank everyone who joined us on November 2 and invite you to follow our announcements so as not to miss the next events within the framework of the professional support initiative for mediators!

The event was held with the financial support of the European Union within the framework of the Project “CONSENT: Enhancing the Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ukraine with a Focus on Mediation", implemented by the Ukrainian Mediation Academy.