Meeting with experts in sociotherapy and peacebuilding

Meeting with experts in sociotherapy and peacebuilding

On October 23, 2023, a meeting was held as part of the Hot Talks on Mediation webinar series organized by the Edwards Mediation Academy (USA) in cooperation with the Ukrainian Mediation Center and the Ukrainian Mediation Academy within the framework of the European Union's CONSENT Project.

At this webinar, moderator Bruce Edwards spoke with Angela Jansen and Diogenes Karangwa from the International Institute for Community-Based Sociotherapy (IICBS) from the Netherlands.

The speakers shared their experience of working in Rwanda, where they helped the Hutu and Tutsi tribes to live together again after the 1994 genocide.

The meeting was held on the Zoom platform with simultaneous translation into Ukrainian.

Everyone who joined the event had the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and share their current experience in Ukraine.

Those who were unable to join the event can watch the yoga in the recording.

The recording of the meeting is available here:

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