Neurographic Drawing Workshop “Wishing Tree” brings mediators together in the run-up to the holidays

Neurographic Drawing Workshop “Wishing Tree” brings mediators together in the run-up to the holidays

On December 9, 2023, the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation held a pre-holiday event on professional support for mediators. The neurographic drawing workshop “Wish Tree” gathered a large audience of participants on the Zoom platform, creating an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration.

Participants had the opportunity to escape from everyday life, formulate their wishes for the next year and reflect them with the help of neurographic drawing. The practice of neuromapping, which promotes personal change, releasing psychological blocks and modeling a new desired reality, aroused great interest among the participants.

During the workshop, all the participants created their own “wish trees” using colored pencils, markers, and liners. Regardless of the level of artistic skills, everyone was able to enjoy the process and enjoy the results of their creativity.

Neurographic drawing has proven to be an extremely effective tool for reducing stress, improving mood, and creating positive energy. Participants noted that this method helps them to calm down, form new neural connections, and broaden their perspective.

It is especially important that the workshop was a great opportunity for mediators to get acquainted with a new art technique that can be useful in their professional activities. The exchange of experience and positive feedback from the participants confirmed that such events are essential to support professional development and personal growth.

The event ended on a high note, leaving all participants feeling satisfied and inspired. All the participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers for the excellent organization and meaningful content of the workshop.

We sincerely thank everyone who joined us and invite you to follow our announcements in order not to miss the next events within the framework of the professional support initiative for mediators. Special thanks to the European Union for the financial support that made this event possible.

The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation continues to work on enhancing the role of alternative dispute resolution in Ukraine, in particular mediation, and plans new interesting events for mediators. Follow the announcements.