Training for private contractors on soft-skills development

Training for private contractors on soft-skills development

We are pleased to share with you the results of the training for private contractors on soft-skills development held in April 2024. The training participants noted that this event was an important step in improving their skills in interacting with clients and optimizing their work.

During the training, they gained valuable knowledge and strategies that will help them communicate more effectively with customers, develop positive relationships and increase customer satisfaction. Participants also shared their experiences and impressions of their work, which contributed to mutual learning and development.

We are grateful to all participants for their focus, enthusiasm and fruitful cooperation. We are confident that improving their communication skills will be an important step towards further success and prosperity in their professional activities.

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The training was conducted by the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation in cooperation with the Association of Private Enforcement Officers of Ukraine within the framework of the Project “CONSENT: Enhancing the role of alternative dispute resolution in Ukraine with a focus on mediation”, implemented with the financial support of the European Union.