Welcome to the VIII International Forum

Welcome to the VIII International Forum "Mediation and Law"!

The International Forum "Mediation and Law" is the largest specialised event in Ukraine dedicated to the development of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

The Forum is aimed at promoting mediation as an effective tool for conflict resolution, improving the quality of mediation services, sharing best practices, and creating conditions for interaction and cooperation. The event aims to highlight innovative approaches to alternative dispute resolution, prospects for their development and discuss current trends.

The Forum will be held on 24-27 July 2024 on the Zoom platform.

Participation in the Forum is free of charge.

At the VIII International Forum "Mediation and Law", participants will have the opportunity to join panel discussions, workshops and other events dedicated to relevant topics. The Forum will also feature the opening of the exhibition "Thirty Years of Mediation in Ukraine: History and Future".

Registration is open at the following link: https://en.mediation.ua/forum/2024

All participants will receive electronic certificates indicating the number of hours and the list of events attended during the Forum. Working languages: Ukrainian, English (simultaneous translation will be provided during the event).

The event is jointly organised by the Ukrainian Mediation Academy within the framework of the EU CONSENT Project, the EU Pravo-Justice Project and with the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Justice for All Programme.

We look forward to meeting you at the VIII International Forum "Mediation and Law"!